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Bali real estate earning strategies: 15-50% return per year

Want to know how to earn 15% to 50% per year in Bali real estate? Then let's break down the investment strategies:

Short-term (up to 1 year):

Buying in the primary market and selling on commissioning.
Return on sale: up to 30%.

Medium-term (up to 2 years):

Purchase on the primary market, lease after commissioning (15% p.a.), sale as a ready rental business (yield from 35%).

Long-term (up to 7 years):

Purchase on the primary market, renting (15% p.a.) for 7 years, with the possibility of subsequent sale.

Short-term (up to 1 year) with high income:

Contribution of 30%, payment in installments over 6 months (18% of the value).
Sale after 6 months with an increase of 20% on the invested capital.

Medium-term development investment (up to 2 years):

Investment during the construction phase and sale before commissioning.
Return on invested capital: from 35%. Entry threshold from $1,500,000.

There are many strategies for investing in Bali real estate that can bring high returns. The choice of strategy depends on individual preferences, it is important to carefully analyze all possible options and choose the most suitable to achieve your financial goals.