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Investing in real estate in Bali: up to 100% per annum - is it real?

Our answer is YES!

We share one of the interesting and rare ways to make money on real estate investments in Bali.

The essence: investing in apartment complexes or hotel complexes with the possibility of deferred payments for 2 years, providing a potential return of up to 100% per annum.


First about the internal nuances of the market:

$2,000 / m² - the average cost of premium real estate.

$5,000 / m² is the average cost of premium properties per square meter in Bali's secondary market, including land.

Prices will gradually increase according to the following plan:

$2,000 to $3,000 / m² - first 6 months of construction.

$4,000 / m² - next 6 months.

$5,000 / m² - market price that the property will reach in the second year of construction.


In this scenario, the investor can purchase a 100 m² facility at the beginning of the sales in installments for $200,000 ($2,000 / m²).


30% ($60,000) - making an upfront payment

$35,000 - partial payment of installments over six months,

The total investment will be $95,000.

Six months later, after prices have risen to $3,000/m², the investor sells the property for $300,000.


$95,000 - investor makes back to himself,

$105,000 - pays the developer (the remaining amount),

$100,000 - profit, yielding 100% per annum.


Developers offer installments only until the property is commissioned. Villas and townhouses are built in 8 months. Hotel complexes and apartments are built 2-3 years. This